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Lata Brandisová

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Titulek: Lata Brandisová
Datum vložení: 23.2.2012


Marie Lata Brandisová

Maria Brandisová was know as Lata Brandisová was a Czechoslovak jockey and so far first woman that won Great Pardubice steeplechase. She was born on 26th June 1895 in Úmonín and she died on 12th May 1981 in Rieteregg.

Her parents was Leopold and Johanna Brandis and Lata had a twin Christine (Tyn).

Lata with Christine learned to ride a horse from eight years and they were ten, they knew how to drive buggy. They loved “Officer races”. Lata with Tyn. Lata and Tyn ran in male dress with painted mustaches.

In 1933, Lata first participated in Great Pardubice with the then six-year swim mare Norma, born in 1927 in the breeding Zdenek Radslav Kinski. She won with her third place. A year later the pair was second by three lengths behind the victorious German mare Wahn and in 1935 Lata with Norma were fifth.

In World War II lived at the lodge in the Lata Řitka with nurses Christine, Jane, Margaret, and Gabriela. Signed up to the Czech nationality, therefore the farm was substituted forced administrator. Nurses responded on the situation so that it completely refused to speak German. Forced administration was imposed on farms Kinskys. Lata had to train at home and occasionally drove Chuchle steeplechase. From breed had in Chlumec Řitka available Horymir horses, and Hostivít Holomek. When found in a pile near the road to ill Černolice Russian soldiertogether with his sister Christine nursed him and provide him food. On 5th May 1945 to hear on Chuchels racecourse radio call for help. At that time, was also shot in Chuchle her former coach Karel Šmejda when doing back horses from burning stables.

First Great Pardubice after the second World War II held on 20th October 1946. Lata saddled Nurmiho stallion, son of Norma. Race and Lata the did not complete in the fall broked her collarbone. A year later drove difficult zv blond stallion Otello. Again did not complete race. Lata in the fall broked her collarbone, two ribs and the bruised shoulder Otello finally arrested. In 1948, when the lock was nationalized Kinskys Obora, where Lata trainedin Great Pardubice and not booted even not booted in it a year later. On the 23rd November 1949 she joined Memorial Pardubice in the colors of the National Stud Farm Slatiňany with mare Nina. After a heavy fall on the Snake Trench, where it found itself mare in a flurry of hooves and the horse falling bodies had punctured skull, complicated fracture of the left leg, several broken ribs, collarbone and wounds to the spine. Week were in a coma. Injury meant the end for her riding career and until his death had to walk with a cane. Soon after the disaster spread false rumors that in the changed political conditions in the attempted raid on the Snake Trench suicide.

12th May 1981 at the age of nearly 86 years died of pneumonia. Buried in the family tomb (chapel) in the liberal lords Haanových in Reiteregg, standing near the horse paddock.

So this is something about my favourite person. Jana Kotherová

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