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2. The family; my plans for the future

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Titulek: 2. The family; my plans for the future
Datum vložení: 10.4.2007
Referát vložil: RG


There are many different kinds of families. Perhaps the most widely spread is the western-type of marriage and family with one wife and one husband which is so called monogamy. However, there are cultures and societies that have polygamy - that means a marriage of several wives and one husband or one wife and several husbands. Of course, not all the families within the western-type are the same. Family that means mother, father and child or children. It is called nucleus family. But everybody have some relatives (e.g. grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, cousin, nephew and niece). And if you get married you will probably have a brother in law, a sister in law, a mother in law or a father in law. But family it doesn’t means only people, there is some housework too. Mainly mother takes care of household. But I think that her husband and children should help her.

Some women don’t go to the work, they stay at home – they are housewives. Housewife does all work at home (she is ironing, cleaning, washing, cooking etc). If she has children she takes care of them, brings them up and teaches them. But not only housewife takes care of household. Because working woman takes care of household too. In this case, she has two jobs, but only one salary. Mainly wife takes care of a family budget. She divided income in items. Items are e.g. housing, electivity, food, wearing, shoes, transport, education etc.

I live with my family in our detached house in Prague, Our family is quite large but only a nuclear family lives under one roof. My father name is Jan and he is 49 years old. He works as a manager in one bank. He has short black hair and brown eyes. He is quite tall. My mother name is Eva and she is 43. She works as a shop-assistant. She isn’t tall. She has brown hair and blue eyes. Most of all, she likes gardening and reading.
I have one brother and two sisters. My brother Martin is 22. He is tall and he has short brown hair. He works with wood and he is a foreman. My brother lives with my grandparents in Kladno. My older sister is called Simona. She is 20. She has quite long brown hair and blue eyes. She is taller than me. She works as a secretary in a private company in Prague. She likes reading books, listening to modern music, traveling and writing letters. My younger sister is Lenka. She is 6 years old. She has light brown hair and brown eyes. She is very slim. She is a baby of our family.
So, this is my family. I have got quite a lot of relatives, because my mum has one brother and one sister and they both have children and my father has two sisters and one brother and they have at least two children each. So, if I count my cousins, the number is about ten. We live in different places, so we all hardly meet together. We try to keep in touch by writing letters or e-mail. Some of them I haven’t seen for about 4 years. It’s a shame, but find free time is quite difficult for someone, who is busy.
I have a strong believe, that one day we all will meet again. I hope that it will be soon.
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