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8. Entertainment -music, theatre, cinema, TV

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Titulek: 8. Entertainment -music, theatre, cinema, TV
Datum vložení: 10.4.2007
Referát vložil: RG


When I say word entertainment a lot of people and me too imagine theatre, TV, cinema, music or parties. Entertainment is very important for our life. It’s not useful only for young people, but for older people too. When we go to the cinema, or to the theatre, when we go to the parties or when we watch TV we can meet a lot of new people, we can learn something interesting or it’s can be a good way of relaxing. Nowadays the television viewing is the most popular pastime.

TV is very important for me. I thing, I couldn’t be without TV. I don’t spend a lot of time on front of TV. I watch TV ten hours a week, but TV has a important role in my life. I don’t read newspaper a lot so TV is my main reporter about our political and cultural life. I watch TV news at 7 p.m. every day but now I hadn’t free time a lot. I watch TV mostly in the evening if there are some good films or serials and sometimes I watch quiz program because I can obtain there some knowledge. I like comedies and romantic films. I hate horrors because when I watch some horror I have bad dreams.

Other entertainment is theatre. Theatergoing is not so frequent as a cinema or TV. I go to the theatre only one or two a year. When I go to the theatre it’s holiday for me and I must look perfectly. When we go to the theatre we have to wear elegant dresses and men have to wear dark jacket and dark trousers. When we decide to go the theatre we have to choose a play. People can choose a play according to a poster or according to read a review. Sometimes we can be invited so we couldn’t choose a play. When we come to the theatre we have to leave our coats, cap in the cloak room and after it we have to find our seats and buy a program. After the third bells we must be in the auditorium. There are various places in the theatre. For example: stalls, dress circle, balcony, seats in boxes. After third bells lights go out, curtain goes up and performance begins.
Performance has several acts, besides acts there are intervals in the end actor get glowers and if it’s first night, they get a basket of flowers or bunch of flowers. After it, curtain goes down and we leave.
Type of performance: an opera, a ballet, an operetta, a musical….

Now, something about theatre in English speaking countries.
a) Heart of theatrical in Britain is London. There are 60 theatres. It’s concentrated on west-end: The National theatre, The Royal Shakespeare company
b) in the USA there are theatre concentrated in Broadway. There are 30 theatres.
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