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15. My favorite book /writer/

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Titulek: 15. My favorite book /writer/
Datum vložení: 10.4.2007
Referát vložil: RG


I love reading very much. Books are my great passion. I have read already a lot of books but I can’t tell how many exactly.
When I was younger and had more free time I was reading almost ever and everywhere. I wouldn’t have fallen asleep without reading and in the morning I woke up earlier and I was reading till half past seven and than I came late to school. My parents buy me a lot of books and I also visit the library. Now before the graduation exam I have less time for reading but I try to read each free moment.
I can’t tell which book and writer is my favorite. When I was very young I liked of course the fairy-tales. When I visited maybe the forth class I loved the books by Jaroslav Foglar. I loved the stories about the fast arrows and other brave, friendly and fair boys. Then I liked the books by Karl May. I gobbled the pages of his books and I hoped that the criminals would be punished. When I was older I took pleasure in the detective stories. I liked the books by Agatha Christie and I loved the Doyle´s famous Sherlock Holmes. Later I read very much the books by Stanislav Rudolf. He was my favorite writer for long time. I read quite all his books with the stories about girl’s problems. Still recently I was keen on thrillers. I like when I was frightened. Now I like the books by contemporary Czech writers but mostly I read the exercise-books, because I have to learn very much. As I said I haven’t any favorite writer at present and so I chose the book that I read at last and its author.

Michal Viewegh – was born in 1962 in Prague. He studied at the University in Prague. Then he was teaching at the basic school in Zbraslav. Now he is a editor in the publishing house The Czech writer. He wrote 4 novels and one theatre play. I read his book “The education of girls in the Bohemia” – and I liked it very much.

The education of girls in the Bohemia
The book tells the story of one basic school’s teacher Michal living in Zbraslav with his wife and 9 years old daughter. The hero is the author himself. One day he got a letter from the famous millionaire. His name was Král and he wanted Michal to teach his older daughter Beáta. Král offered him a lot of money and so Michal accepted that work. First time he came there he got acquainted with the bodyguards Jiřík and Petřík and he made a friendship with them. He found out that Král´s younger daughter Adáta is the pupil of his school. Fist time he went to Beáta´s room she was unfriendly to him and she ignored him. He earns the money but he didn’t learn she because she doesn’t speak to him. She was unhappy because she lost her boyfriend. Than the Král´s left for holiday and after they returned Beáta was very friendly to Michal and lately they became the lovers. First they were happy together but than they started to quarrel and finally they left each other. Beáta fell in love with American lector and that was why Michal was very unhappy. Then he forgot to her. Some time later he found that Beáta committed suicide in her car. The book ends with the finding that the hero wasn’t the author but he devised it.
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