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My favourite British writer – Jane Austen

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Titulek: My favourite British writer – Jane Austen
Datum vložení: 21.9.2013
Referát vložil: jajad


 * 16th December 1775 in Hampshire
  18t July 1817 in Winchester
 Her father was a reverrend
 She had 6 brothers and just one older sister
 she was Jane’s closest friend
 Jane‘s brother Hanry = he was helping her with punblishing her books
 1783 = Jane and her sister Cassandra were sent to Oxford to be educated by Mrs Anna Cawley (according to familly tradition)
 Both girl caught typhus and then Theky were educated at home
 1785 = the girls left to boarding school in Southampron
 1786 = the sister had to return home because the Austens coudn’t afford to pay the school
 The Austen children led to creativiry
 Their father was teaching his children at home
 Jane’s father kept a large collection of literature in his home library
 He supported Jane’s interest in writing by supplying his books, paper and writing tool to her
 1787 = Jane began to write poems, stories and plays for her and her familly’s amusement
 Then she began to write longer and more sophisticated works
 1793 – 1795 = Jane wrote Lady Susan which is a short novel epistolary
 1795 = a nephew of nearby neighbours, Tom Lefroy have been introduced to Jane at a ball
 They began to spend time together and t was noticed by both famillies plus jane admitted falling in love in her letters to Cassandra
 But unfortunately Tom was dependant on an uncle from island who was financing his education and the Austen familly couldn’t offer enough
 After it Jane never saw him again
 She began to work on a second novel called First Impressions
 It later became Pride and Prejudice
 1800 = she decided to leave Steventon and move the familly to Bath
 December 1802 = Austen received her only proposal from Harris Bigg-Wither
 Jane accepted, because he was well-off
 But even if he marriage offered many practical advantages to her familly
 She realised that she had made a mistake  so she withdrew the acceptance
 21st January 1805 = Jane’s father died
 they were left in a precarious financial situation
 1809 = the familly moved to Chawton where Jane was able to be productive as a writer again
 She successfully Publisher 4 novels
 1817 = she began to feel unwell but she ignored it x but her physical condition didn’t improve
 18th July 1817 = Jane died at the age of 41 years
 Her body is buried in Winchester cathedral

Style of Jane Austen
 Combination of parody, irony and free indirect speech
 She criticise the portrayal of women in 18th century sentimental and gothic novels
 The free indirect speech
 a technice where the thoughts and speech of the charakter mix with the voice of narrator
o Education, morality, religion, position of women at the turn of 18th and 19th century
o Importance of enviromnent and upbringing on the development of young people’s character
List of works
 The Beautiful Cassandra
o A short novel which tell a story of a young woman
o She sett off into the world to make her fortune
 Love and Friendship
o A parody of romantic novels which she read as a child
 The History of England
o Ilustrated by Cassandra
 Pride and Prejudice
 Sense and Sensibility
o Romance novel
o Describes lifes and love sof Dashwood sister (Elino rand Marianne)
 Mansfield Park
 Notrhanger Abbey
 It is a novel by Jane Austen first Publisher in 1813
 The story begins when a young wealthy bachelor moves into Netherfield house in the neighbourhood of the Bennet familly.
 Mr Bingley is well received while Mr Darcy makes worse first impression by appearing proud.
 Jane catches a cold and Elizabeth arrives to nurse her.
 Jane and Mr Bingley are forming an attachment to each other.
 And at the same time Mr Darcy realises that he feels a kind of attachment to Elizabeth as well.
 Mr Collins pays a visit to the Bennets. He talks about a lot about his employer lady Catherine.
 Soon it becomes apparent that Mr Collins has come to Longbourn to choose a wife from among the Bennets sister.
 Elizabeth forms a connection with Mr Wickham who is an officer who claims to have been mistreated by Mr Darcy.
 Mr Bingley organizes a ball where the Bennet familly make a public display of poor manners.
 The following morning Mr Collins proposes to Elizabeth who refuses him.
 But Mr Collins isn’t stresse dat all and he proposes to Elizabeth’s friend Charlotte who accepts it.
 Mr Bingley quits Netherfield and Elizabeth is convinced that Mr Darcy has conspired to separate him from Jane.
 In the spring Elizabeth visits Charlotte and Mr Collins in Kent.
 She is invited to Rosings Park, home of lady Catherine and she mens Mr Darcy.
 Mr Darcy proposes to her but she refuses and she accuses him of destroying Jane’s hapiness and disgraceful treating Mr Wickham.
 Mr Darcy responds with a letter giving the whole explanation
 how to Wickham tried to run away with Darcy’s sister
 Some months later Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle visit Pemberley, Mr Darcy returns unexpectedly and he is suprised.
 He introduces his sister Georgiana to Elizabeth. Elizabeth begins to realise her attraction to Mr Darcy.
 It is cut when Theky her the news that Lydia has run away with George Wickham.
 Lydia and Wickham are soon found and married.
 Elizabeth hears that Mr Darcy is responsible for that.
 Mr Bingley returns to Netherfield and he proposes to Jane, who Access.
 Then lady catherine visits Elizabeth because she wals to know if she is engaged.
 When Darcy hears that, he ges to Longbourn and proposes again and now Elizabeth accepts.
o 20 years old
o Intelligent, attractive
o She has a tendency to judge on first impression
o Intelligent
o Amused by the unsuitable manners and nonsense of his wife
 Mrs. Bennet
o Narrow-minded
o Her main ambition in life is to marry her daughters off well
o 22 years old
o She is considered the most beautiful young lady in the neighbourhood
o Shy, sensible, not that clever like Elizabeth
o The yongest sister
o Stubborn
o Her main aktivity is socializing-flirting with officers
o 28 years old
o Unmarried even if he is wealthy
o An owner of famous estate of Pemberley
o Handsome, intelligent, reserved
o He seems to be proud
 Charles Bingley
o 22 years old
o Handsome, wealthy
o Kind, charming
o Easily influenced by others

accept = přijmout
accord = smlouva, dohoda; v souladu
accuse = obvinit, nařknout
admit = připustit, uznat
advantage = výhoda
afford to = dovolit si, přát si
among = mezi
amused = pobavený
attachment = blízký vztah
attraction = přitažlivost, půvab
aunt = teta
bachelor = svobodný muž
be engaged = být zasnoubený
be productive = být produktivní
become apparent = ukázat se
boarding school =internátní škola
claim = tvrdit
closest friend = nejbližší přítel
conspire = spiknutí; spiknout se
convince = přesvědčit
dependant = závislá, vyživovaná osoba
disgraceful = hanebný
employer = zaměstnavatel
enough = dostatek
estate = panství
even = navíc
explanation = vysvětlení, objasnění
falling in love = zamilovat se
famous = úžasný
following = následující
form a connection = navázat vztah
free indirect speech = bez přímé řeči
handsome = hezký, pohledný
charming = okouzlující
impression = dojem, pocit
improve = zlepšit, uzdravit se
influenced = ovlivnitelný
introduce = představit
keep = držet, starat se
kind = milý
lead to creativity = vést k tvořivosti
left in = dostat se
manner = způsob, chování
main = hlavní
mistreat = špatně zacházet, týrat
narrator = vypravěč (v románu)
nearby = nedaleko, poblíž
neighbourhood = sousedství
nephew = synovec
nonsense = nesmysl
notice = povšimnout si, všimnout si
nurse = ošetřovat, starat se o někoho
offer = nabídnout
owner = vlastník
precarious = nejistý
proposal = nabídka k sňatku
propose to = nabídnout sňatek
quit = skončit, opustit
realise = uvědomit si
receive = dostat, obdržet
responsible = zodpovědný
refuse = odmítnout
separate = oddělit
shy = plachý
spend time together = trávit čas společně
successfully = úspěšně, zdárně
supplying = dodávající
treat = zacházet
unexpectedly = nečekaný, nečekaně
uncle = strýc
unfortunately = bohužel, naneštěstí
unmarried = svobodný
unsuitable = nevhodný
unwell = necítící se ve své kůži, necítící se dobře
upbringing = výchova
wealthy = bohatý
well-off = zajištěný
well receive = dobře přijímat
withdrew the acceptance = vzít souhlas zpět
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