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Trips in Moravskoslezský region

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Titulek: Trips in Moravskoslezský region
Datum vložení: 4.3.2008
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Trips in Moravskoslezský region

Štramberská trúba is the tower of ruined 13th century caste which was converted in 1903. Štramberk square is hemmed by late gothic houses and dominated by the Baroque Church of St. John od Nepomuk.

Karlova studánka
Lies in the romantik valley of the Bílá Opava right in the centre of Hrubý Jeseník. The spa tradition here was flunder in 1785, when the first two spa houses were built. Karlova Studánka is a little town of typical wood spa buildings grew up. The Ferrous acidulous waters and pure mountain air have health-giving effects, especially in the treatment of respiratory disorders.

The Chateu Of Hradec nad Moravicí
First it was renovated in empire style and dazzling Farade earned in the nemá Of White castle. In the 19th century it was expanded by the addition of two romantic Tudor Gothic buildings – the red chateau and the white tower.The chateau was a major cultural centre and was visited by many famous peoples. (Beethoven).

The castle Hukvaldy
Rises above the Ondřejnice river and is one of the largest ruins in Moravia. I tis interesting that this medieval kastle was never conquerred, and the reason for its destruction was a fire as late as 1762. Every zdar the „Janáček´s Hukvaldy“ music festival is held here in the castleprecints in honour of the composer Leoš Janáček.

Klimkovice spa
Is one most modern spas in the country. The Kosine Sanatoria building is a unique work of contemoprary architecture that has won several prizes. The sanatoria Orfee treatment for circulatory and motor disorders and nerve and gynaecological complains usány a regime that invovels the iodobromine mineral water from the wells at Polanka nad Odrou.

Kopřivnice museum
Kopřivnice is a tlen inseparable from the production od Tatra automobiles, which started in 1850. The automobiles manufactured here have gauner leasing places in international rallies, especially the Paris-Dacre race. The technical museum documents the production of Kopřivnice vehicles up to the present day. The museum is uncoventional, highly contemporary in design and also houses an exhibition on the local-born multiple Olympic gold medallist atlete Emil Zátopek.

This unique attraction is fun for kids of all ages. there are more than 27 models of famous European buildings. It is dominated by a 12-metre high replica of the Eifel Tower in Paris. You can also fing Prague´s Old Town Halland much more.

Silesium Ostrava Castle
The castle is situated at the confluence of the Ostravice and Lučina rivers. The first written document dates from 1297. The original castle was a palatial two-storey building with and a tower for defence. The castle regularly hosts culutral events in winter and summer and is a great location for business parties, conferences and weddings.

Fireman´s Museum
In this museum we can see historic and modern vehicles, sirens and uniforms. The most famouse pieces are the old Fire Engines from the turn of the 20th century.Ostrava-Přívoz.

Johann Palisa Observatory and Planetarium
This building was completed in 1980. The planetarium is the third largest in the Czech Republic at 12,5m, and it has the the second largest projection machine. Ostrava-Krásné Pole

The Ostrava ZOO
The Ostrava Zoo was founded in 1951 and its located in the middle of the Ostrava forest. Today, there are more than 270 varieties of animal spread over an area of 100ha. The 1 300 residents include elephants, giraffes, tigers, chimpanzees, hippopotami, camels, flamingos, parrots and much more. The Ostrava Zoo is a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums, which consists of the world´s 200 best zoos and aquariums.

There are exellent places for fishing at the Slezká Harta, Rázmová or in many reservoáre on Karviná.

Walking and Hiking
Is very popular in this region.In Beskydy you can choose between hight mountains paths and the forested slopes. Lysá hora or Pustevny where is also chiar-lift.

Golf is very popular in these days. Very famous place is in Čeladná. There is 27 holes and is the largest golf plase in ČR.

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