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1. Anglický referát o My Holiday 123 slov
Your Project I was in Greece.With you went my family and my uncle.I was in hotel.Our h... Celý referát
2. Animals 191 slov
People in Britain and Ireland are very fond of animals. Most families have got a pet. Some people take their pets to shows. There are big international shows, like ´Crufts´in London. You can see thous... Celý referát
3. Belgian 399 slov
Belgian Official designation : Belgian kingdom Capital city : Brusel Area : 30510 km2 Population : 10289088 people Independence since : 4. October 1830 Currency : euro Official language : F... Celý referát
4. Black widow 560 slov
Black widow - Latrodectus mactans or 7 characteristics of life The black widow is a very toxic spider, which lives in Australia and in North and Middle America. How does it feed? It makes its ... Celý referát
5. Czech Republic 953 slov
The Czech Republic I was born in the Czech Republic and now I?ve been living here for 18 years. So I would like to describe this fine country a bit. The old legend says that Forefather Czech came ... Celý referát
6. Diana,Princess of Wales 147 slov
Lady Diana Spencer was born in 1961. She came from a rich and famous family, but her parents divorced when she was quite young, and she did not have a happy childhood. When she left school, she got a ... Celý referát
7. Did/Do you like your schooldays? 267 slov
Did/Do you like your schooldays? When I was a six year old child I started to go to primary school in my town. As I have been quite clever child I liked my schooldays at this school. I loved the... Celý referát
8. Easter 94 slov
Easter (=Velikonoce) Easter is days, ever Jezus Christ was crucifixion. Desoration, eggs and holidays belongs to Easter. Easter holidays = Velikonoční prázdniny (svátky) Easter lamb = Velikonoční... Celý referát
9. Edinburgh Castle 173 slov
Edinburgh Castle, situated high above the city on Castle Rock, was once the home of the kings and queens of Scotland. The 700 year old Crown of Scotland is still on display there, and the Royal apartm... Celý referát
10. Fashion and Style 291 slov
Fashion and Style Slavní lidé určují styl už od starých dob. Ten kdo chtěl zapadnout do lepší společnosti, musel mít to nejlepší oblečení a tak je tomu i teď. Módní průmysl je dnes velmi výnosný ob... Celý referát
11. Hilary Duff 189 slov
Hil is my favorite actress and singer. She is a very beautiful girl. She is twenty years old and she lives in USA. When did she five years, she did going to ballet. Now she is singer and actress. She... Celý referát
12. Human Rights 1493 slov
Saudi Arabia I decided to describe the life in Saudi Arabia, because I red the book Dark Kingdom from Carmen bin Ladin. She is ex-wife Jislam bin Ladin, one of the Usama brothers. She came to Saudi... Celý referát
13. Keep Healthy! 238 slov
Keep Healthy! It’s very important to keep healthy and, luckily, we have lots of ways how to do that. It’ good to avoid the illness because it limits us in our activities. Often only par... Celý referát
14. Lata Brandisová 509 slov
Marie Lata Brandisová Maria Brandisová was know as Lata Brandisová was a Czechoslovak jockey and so far first woman that won Great Pardubice steeplechase. She was born on 26th June 1895 in Úmonín a... Celý referát
15. Letter (Lost in NY) 185 slov
10 February Dear John, I’d like to tell you that I’m on holiday in the US. I arrived by plane on Thursday and I’ve deci... Celý referát
16. Mobile phones - a great invention? 369 slov
Mobile phones - a great invention? Almost every body has a mobile phone. But is it a great invention? I think there are both advantages and disaadvantages. In my opion, the main advantage is, connec... Celý referát
17. Montreal 243 slov
Berková, 7.B Montreal Montreal is the seaport in Quebec on the island Montreal, decays between the junction Ottawa and the river holy Laurence and betw... Celý referát
18. Music 434 slov
Even if we are not concertgoers, we live in the world surrounded by music. We come into contact with music all our lives. When we are little, we listen to lullabies sung by our mother and soon ... Celý referát
19. My favourite film 243 slov
My favourite film I want to tell you about my favourite film. Constantine. I chose this film because I like horrors and deepnes. This film tells about Constantine, John Constantine / Keanu Reeve... Celý referát
20. My friend 173 slov
My best friend name is Mariana. She is fifteenth. She lives in small village. It is name Lipová near Cheb in family house. She is very happy person. Sometimes she is very stuboat but other w... Celý referát
21. My future 153 slov
When a grow up, I want to be an astronaut, becausee I like reading about different planets and space exploration. My favourite subject is Science and I often go to the Space Museum near my home. When ... Celý referát
22. Olympic games 314 slov
The first Olympic games took place in Greek in 776 before Christ. Grave games with ceremonies and matches passed off in Olympia in honor of Dius, who was a king of gods. Quadrennial cycle - it means O... Celý referát
23. Oreiro Natalia 210 slov
I’m going to talk about Natalia Oreiro. She was born in 1977 in Montevideo in Uruguay. She is singer, film actor, designer and model. When Natalia was children, she went lesson of singing and c... Celý referát
24. Otesánek-překlad do angličtiny 660 slov
Written by Karel Jaromír Erben (Zlatovláska and other Czech tales)-retold and translated by Josef Tajovský Otesánek Once upon a time, there was a man and a woman; they stayed at the end of th... Celý referát
25. příběh - My best friends is ghost 297 slov
My best friend is ghost It is written a year 1458. A girl lived in a small village in Slovakia. Her name was Elizabeta. She was a very nice and pretty. Her eyes were big and green. She had long an... Celý referát
26. Professional sport 465 slov
Become a professional? Although I’m not a professional athlete, my attitude towards professional sport is quite positive. I often say that I’m a “big sports lover”. I like d... Celý referát
27. recenze aj 99 slov
Jak rozkvétá Sněženka was written by Jitka Komendová. It is girl’s romance. It is about young girl, which was raped and her mum instead of be sorry for her, she cry for her. She moved her daught... Celý referát
28. Robinson Crusoe 238 slov
Robinson Crusoe was a man that always wanted to be on the sea. But his father told him that he should stay home and work like his father. But his dream has become a reality when he left his home and h... Celý referát
29. Smoking (Teenager´s problems) 304 slov
SMOKING Everyday 3,000 children start smoking, most them between the ages of 10 and 18. These kids account for 90 percent of all new smokers. In fact, 90 percent of all adult smokers said that they... Celý referát
30. States of USA 141 slov
In the united states there are 52 diferent states. Some of them are for example: Missisipi,Alaska ,Kalifornia,Florida,Texas,Wyoming,Utah,Arizona.We can find theme beautiful and spectacular land scape.... Celý referát
31. Story for Stone soup 362 slov
One day a tramp came to an old woman´s house.´Excuse me´ said the tramp.´I´m very hungry.Have you got anything to eat?´But the old woman was very mean.´Go away´ she said.´I haven´t got any food for yo... Celý referát
32. The Borrowers 291 slov
I chose the book called The Borrowers. This book is much in demand. It is adventur literature with satire and humour. Fascinating, amuzing, attractive and plain text. But sometimes there are many p... Celý referát
33. The Great Gatsby 1538 slov
F. S. Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby Character description: Jay Gatsby - His real name is James Gatz. Jay is very rich and organizes big parties at his mansion at West Egg in the east of Americ... Celý referát
34. Titanic 199 slov
Titanic Titanic was a big ship from factory WHITE STAR LINE. It was ship from group Olympic. It was long 269 meters, 53 meters high, 28 meters wide, displacement over 52 000 tons and the speed was 23... Celý referát
35. Travelling broadens our experience 192 slov
The sentence from the title is definitely true and I must agree with that. Especially if we travel to a foreign and exotic country because we can see there for example very different kinds of nature. ... Celý referát
36. Trips in Moravskoslezský region 687 slov
Trips in Moravskoslezský region Štramberk Štramberská trúba is the tower of ruined 13th century caste which was converted in 1903. Štramberk square is hemmed by late gothic houses and dominated by... Celý referát
37. United kingdom 212 slov
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was a constitutional monarchy, situated on the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. Existed in the years 1801 to 1922, when he became independent Irish Fre... Celý referát

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