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10. My holiday, traveling

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Titulek: 10. My holiday, traveling
Datum vložení: 10.4.2007
Referát vložil: RG


Traveling is very popular in the 21st century. People all around the world travel for various reasons; one of them is tourism – especially during holidays. People want to see beautiful sights of the world. Some people travel on business, for political or cultural reasons.
Many people like traveling because it is exciting, they can see new places, meet new people and friends, eat something unusual, they can get new experiences.
On the other hand traveling has some disadvantages – it may be very dangerous. We can meet bad people, we can get lost, be murdered or our money may be stolen. For some people traveling is very expensive.
There are many means of transport to choose from. Young people like hitchhiking. Some people going by car, by air, by train, by bus, on a motorcycle, on a bike or even a horse. Some people love more romantic means of transport, e.g. going on a yacht, canoeing etc.
When going abroad we must get necessary documents. First of al we must a valid passport. Besides, we must change money in a bank or at an exchange-office. When going by train we must buy tickets and when we fly, we must get air tickets and find out our flight number and departure time.
We should know foreign languages because it is important for making ourselves understood. Most people all around the world speak English and in Europe German.
Traveling does not mean only going abroad but also seeing interesting places in our country or commuting to work or to school. People usually commute by train or bus, in big cities they can go by tram or the underground.
In our state there are many state and private travel agencies. We can arrange various kinds of trips: e.g. cultural trips to well-known historic places, reservation stays in mountains or seaside resorts – stays with sports or educational programs.
For traveling we can use many kinds of luggage according to the kind of trip. We use a sports bag for a longer sports journey or we use a rucksack when going for a walk or to school etc.

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