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Where would you like to live and why?

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Titulek: Where would you like to live and why?
Datum vložení: 6.11.2007


Where I would like to live? It’s very difficult question. Everything has some advantages and disadvantages.
When I’m thinking about it, maybe I’d rather live in town than in the country. Of course there are pollution air, much smog and noise in the town. Everybody is in a hurry especially before the Christmas when each of person buy some presents for his friends and family, so there are a lot of queues in front of the shops etc. But on the other hand there are more opportunities for finding a well-paid and interesting job. For instance: I love traveling. So I would like to work in some travel agency or in a good hotel as a receptionist. These jobs are my favorite. There is no some good hotel or travel agency in the country. I would have to commute every day. And I would be very tired in the evening. Besides, if I have children I won’t have time for my family.
Other advantages: There is more cultural life than in villages. There are more cinemas, more theatres, and more discotheques; there are more opportunities for going to exercise to the fitness. Besides, there are more occasions for meeting some interesting people; from time to time we can meet some famous person. Even big quantity shops have some advantages. If we need some things we can go the specialist shop. And in the country there’s no specialist shop. There are only some groceries, maybe some second hand or some shop with clothes. In big cities there are some big department stores too. Shopping in a big department store has some advantages and disadvantages too. We can buy here almost everything we need in one place, but there isn’t sometimes a wide choice of definite goods.
In the town there are better connections by train or by bus. Bus goes more times.

Of course living in the country has some own charm. I know it, because before I moved to the city, I have been living for 12 years I had lived in a village. Now, I have very nice cottage in the country. When I have some problems or troubles I went to the forests and by walking through the forest I tried to solve its. I love the feeling when I go through the forest, birds sing and mushrooms smell by the whole wood. It’s something beautiful.
There are cleaner air and slow pace of life in the country. Everybody knows each other; when somebody needs something other people try to help him. It’s different from town.

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